1954 MG TD

Here we have a very original right hand drive 1954 MG TD. This particular TD is very well traveled. Previously this car resided in the UK until the gentleman who owned it retired and took his beloved car with him to Jamaica to enjoy. Unfortunately the owner passed away soon after his move to Jamaica and he left the TD to his son who also lived on the island. Long story short, the car remained in Jamaica until it arrived in the USA almost 50 years ago. It was purchased in Miami and it has been owned by the same lovely old lady ever since. In fact she even has the original 1968 newspaper ad clipping from the classifieds where she found the car advertised to begin with. Very soon after purchase it was brought out to the west coast where it has been ever since. This MG TD is very complete and would be an excellent candidate for a full restoration or even better a rolling restoration.

When we first received the car, we checked it over and obviously found that it was in need of a great deal considering it had been out of commission for some time. However we were able to get the engine to run quite well and the car to drive under its own power with very little coaxing. The brakes are usable, the handbrake cable will need to be replaced but the handbrake assembly is complete. The engine has a rattle to it, but it shows good oil pressure (40 lbs at idle, 60lbs cold) and there is no smoking. The clutch feels good. The gearbox is actually quite sweet and it shifts through gears easily and very happily. 1st and reverse  has the usual growl of straight cut gears – nothing out of the ordinary and second gear synchro is a little worn – shifts down without grinding if not done too aggressively, but overall it’s a very nice driver. The car is very complete and original inside, outside and under the hood.

The exterior of the car is a dark blue color with a speckling of what I believe to be the true original color, Clipper Blue, peaking through. There is some light surface rust speckling to the exterior; however from what I can see there is no poke through rusted areas on this MG. It is very unusual to find a right hand drive car without any significant rust or rust repairs. The front grille is complete and in great condition. The doors are a little difficult to close, like most TD’s but they have really nice MG crested metal trims that sits along the top of both doors. This is a very nice unusual period accessory. The front and rear chrome bumpers are decent and all the chrome trim is complete. The wheels are donned with the original MG crested hubs caps, but the tires are in need of replacing as they are old and have gone square from sitting.

The interior is red and in nice condition. The red leather seats have been re-upholstered and are in decent condition with small blemishes and signs of wear, but no tears. The door panels are surprisingly good. The wood floors on the passenger and drivers side are intact, along with the rear wood panel that covers the side curtain compartment. The red dash panel is in good condition and the dash is complete with all gauges and switches working properly except for the horn push. The window wiper mechanism is also intact and complete though not currently functional. The sale of this TD comes complete with all side curtains, a tonneau cover, and a convertible top cover.

We are selling this 1954 MG TD as is without warranty. The car has a clear CA title and is ready to be enjoyed and restored by its new owner. The original green British log book that has been with the car since new comes with the car and it shows the names and addresses of the owners through the years. Very rare and nice to have.

Although not perfect this little car is a joy to drive, very comfortable and pleasant to be in. A definite tribute to the build quality of an unrestored car nearly 64 years old, – if it made it back to England it could get its’ old age pension!

This well traveled MG TD that has somehow managed to keep all its bits despite coming from overseas and is looking for a new home. As always I would advise inspecting the car in person if at all possible. Please call for an appointment or with any questions you may have, (310)833-1525 Monday-Friday 7am to 5pm Pacific time.

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